31 down, 5 to go

Only 5 matches remain in the Regionalliga Nord season, and since yesterday, 1. FC Magdeburg are once more on a promotion spot. Should Osnabrück win their match today, they would move past FCM, but that doesn’t matter, as they have the tougher program remaining.
Euphoria in Magdeburg is high, for evidence let’s look at attendance numbers.
In the last two home matches, 18,700 people came to see the reserves (!) of Dortmund and Bremen. For the next home match against Union Berlin more than 6,000 tickets have been sold already. Yesterday, Magdeburg’s team was accompanied by about 2,000 fans, making the away game at Hertha BSC’s reserves into a home match – 2,409 spectators overall, 2,000 of them from Magdeburg.

Just a friendly reminder, until December Magdeburg averaged under 4,000 spectators a match…

And apparently, there is some respect to be gained from creating huge away crowds – this video was create at the Hertha – FCM match…

Hertha U23-FCM – MyVideo

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