Today, I stood in line for two and a half hours, waiting to get tickets for the final match of the season, 1. FC Magdeburg vs. FC St. Pauli.
While I was waiting, I realised that compared to us, the English know next to nothing about queuing. There were no queue-jumpers out there today, and leaving one’s place for a bit was not a problem either. I probably could have gone off to a cafe without losing my spot.
I guess that there is no political or economical system that creates such a healthy queuing environment as communism (or what the Communist bloc took that to be). Resources are scarce and so queuing was normal.
My parents used to queue for bananas or oranges, and if that shopping centre hadn’t just the night before moved the washing machines next to the entrance my parents happened to be using, they would have had to queue up for that too.

Want some pictures?
Take a look – this is in front of the FC Magdeburg shop, at about 11:50 am (if you are blessed with good eyesight, you might be able to spot me). Queue in front of ticket shopAnd this is in front of another ticket shop. Yes, the ticket shop is that blue thing down the alley…
Another queue in front of a ticket shopUpdate: As of 2:30 this afternoon, all tickets have been sold. Apparently there is just one section not sold at all, where it is unclear as of now, if it’ll be used to seperate the fans or be sold at a later point in time. I’d estimate about 26,000 tickets sold at the moment.

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