Why is it, that during years of watching football in the fourth tier of the German pyramid, I always had the illusion that once my team gets promoted, the standard of refereeing will go up?
It’s not the case at all – team gets promoted, referees still stink.
The one decent ref we’ve had this year was not a tier III but a tier I ref, and he was decent.

But all his not-quite-as-good colleagues were topped by that referee from Brunswick we had to endure today. Not only does he blow his whistle every time that 37-year old Markus Feinbier of Greuther Fürth fame decides to take a rest on the fabulous lawn that other people try to play football on – no, he also manages to overlook several fouls by Fortuna Düsseldorf players. To make up for that, he calls fouls on our plays that were none, absolutely. Oh well…

That Mr Feinbier was able to finish the game without a yellow card for complaining is also a mystery to me. I can’t recall a single decision or play that was not followed by him discussing with the ref.

In terms of football, Magdeburg won 2-all, someone finally broke the deadlock in the new Magdeburg Stadium. Unfortunately, our central defense was hampered by injuries, so our team captain got a game, hopefully his last, as he was at fault at both goals. That Feinbier scored both was just the icing on the cake.

I’m also willing to bet that the referee’s performance will not be much of an issue in the media, as there seems to be a strange kind of agreement not to talk about such things.

Match facts:
1. FC Magdeburg – Fortuna Düsseldorf38′ 0-1 Feinbier
39′ 0-2 Feinbier
55′ 1-2 Kullmann
76′ 2-2 Kubis (about 9 seconds after being subbed in)
Attendance: 6,907

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