That’s all folks…or is it?

After matchday 35, FC Magdeburg only needed 4 points from the remaining three matches to secure promotion.
But as always, things didn’t quite work out as planned.
On matchday 36, Magdeburg only managed a 1-all draw with Leverkusen’s reserves. The equaliser came seconds before the game ended, and after Leverkusen had played with a man down for 70 minutes. Still Magdeburg now only needed 3 points from two remaining games.
So yesterday, they traveled all the way to Emden near the Dutch border, only to lose Manai to a second yellow card and the game as well. While conditions were certainly not exactly good, check out the pitch here, Magdeburg lost due to some terrible errors in defense, similar to the one that led to Leverkusen’s equaliser the week before. Kubis‘ two goals couldn’t help much, as Magdeburg suffered the first defeat after 12 matches. Emden won 4-2.
To go up, Magdeburg now have to win their last home game, against what is probably the best team around, FC St. Pauli. The team from Hamburg have already secured their promotion, but will nevertheless not give the game away, so that the match will be worthy of the sold-out stadium. mdr TV will broadcast the game live on next Saturday from 1345 CEST.

I’m still tryingto figure out how these two results can be explained and whether or not I should revise my last post.

1. FC Magdeburg 1 – 1 Bayer Leverkusen Res.
20′ Fernandez RED
83′ Neumann 1-0
89′ Schultens 1-1
Attendance: 14,005

BSV Kickers Emden 4 – 2 1. FCM
53′ Zedi 1-0
59′ Manai, 2nd Yellow
64′ Kubis 1-1
66′ Cerci 2-1
73′ Tornieporth 3-1
81′ Kubis 3-2
88′ Celikovic 4-2
Attendance: 4,500

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