About 34 hours to go

until the kick-off in this season’s last game for FC Magdeburg.
The opponent is freshly promoted FC St. Pauli from Hamburg, and Magdeburg need to win to be promoted to Bundesliga 2.

Needless to say, there’s excitement all around, people report difficulty sleeping, miscounting the days til the match and all these gorgeous phenomena. I personally can confirm both of them…

Originally, Magdeburg had intended to sell an additional 500 tickets on Wednesday, but the German FA foiled that plan.
Apparently, St. Pauli and Magdeburg fans have an intense rivalry – that certainly is news to me, and probably to many others as well…
Quote from the German FA in response to an email complaining about the decision: „Die Fans von St. Pauli und dem 1. FC Magdeburg haben eine besondere Rivalität.“ The mail goes on to cite the importance of the match as grounds for their decision, however, the impression of a clueless FA remains – especially since there were no significant problems when the two clubs met in December.

The regional TV station, the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk will broadcast the game live from 1345 Berlin, and there will also be public viewing on Magdeburg’s Alter Markt, right in front of the city hall, where 1. FC Magdeburg once celebrated winning the Cup Winners‘ Cup. An internet radio stream will also be available on Saturday. Also, Fangeist will be at the stadium, the match being part of a conference with the other relevant matches of the day, Osnabrück vs. Ahlen and Wuppertal vs. Emden. The stream is here.

Time to go to bed now, the waiting gets harder…

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