Happy new year

Yesterday, FC Magdeburg resumed training for the remaining 16 matches of the Regionalliga Nord season. While a dozen or so players had been training since January 3 on a voluntary basis, the main contingent of the squad started yesterday.
Danny Kukulies was gone, of course, having joined TeBe in the break. In his stead, Magdeburg has signed Christian Reimann from tier IV side FC Sachsen Leipzig. Reimann had terminated his contract with his old club, after having sent them three reminders, urging them to pay his wages. Sachsen Leipzig have been in financial crisis over the past few months, and were unable to comply with his demands. After three reminders, any employee is allowed to terminate his contract under German law. Hence, no transfer fee was paid.
Also present on the first day of training was Najeh Braham who dissolved his contract at Sportfreunde Siegen, after he was sent to the reserves and did not at all see a chance to get out of there again. He will train with Magdeburg on a trial basis for two more weeks, after which a decision regarding a contract will be made. Braham already knows Magdeburg manager Paul Linz from Eintracht Trier

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