Guests of Honor

Yesterday, 1. FC Magdebug played the second of their test matches during their training camp in Poland. This second match was the reason the club spent a week in Poland at all. Polish club Hutnik Kraków celebrates its 60-year anniversary this year and had wanted a match against attractive opposition. When other clubs go to top tier teams from all over Europe, Hutnik fans wanted to play 1. FC Magdeburg. For some time now, there have been contacts between ultra groups of both sides which ultimately led to Hutnik asking the Magdeburg management about the match via its ultras.
A number of Magdeburg fans traveled to Poland for the match, and from the looks of it had a great time. What was special about the match is the use of pyrotechnics in large quantities (but apparently in a controlled way). In Germany, both clubs would have had much to fear in terms of punishment by the FA, because pyrotechnics are so very dangerous, but in Poland things are different. Take a look:

Or here:

Some pictures are at this inofficial Hutnik site and here.

Oh yes, Magdeburg won the match 2–0, not that that matters.
The other test match in Poland, against Szreniawa Nowy Wiśnicz, ended in a 2-all draw.
Magdeburg will play two more test matches before the season starts on 6 August – on Thursday against VfV Hildesheim, managed by ex-FCM player Andreas Golombek, and on Sunday against Arminia Bielefeld.

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