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Guests of Honor

Yesterday, 1. FC Magdebug played the second of their test matches during their training camp in Poland. This second match was the reason the club spent a week in Poland at all. Polish club Hutnik Kraków celebrates its 60-year anniversary this year and had wanted a match against attractive opposition. When other clubs go to top tier teams from all over Europe, Hutnik fans wanted to play 1. FC Magdeburg. For some time now, there have been contacts between ultra groups of both sides which ultimately led to Hutnik asking the Magdeburg management about the match via its ultras.
A number of Magdeburg fans traveled to Poland for the match, and from the looks of it had a great time. What was special about the match is the use of pyrotechnics in large quantities (but apparently in a controlled way). In Germany, both clubs would have had much to fear in terms of punishment by the FA, because pyrotechnics are so very dangerous, but in Poland things are different. Take a look:

Home premiere

After two more test matches in Schönebeck (6–0) and in Brandenburg (3–1), the new team was presented to the home fans on Friday. Opponent was Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg, but to be honest, it might have been better to play an opposition who actually had any intention of putting up a fight.
In front of about 3,000 spectators, 1. FC Magdeburg dominated the first half and should have scored at least three times, but a combination of good saves and ineptness prevented that. Wolfsburg did not really produce anything, despite having Bundesliga topscorer Edin Dzeko with them.
After the break things changed a bit, Magdeburg scored off a corner, when a deflected ball reached Maik Georgi (who miraculously has convinced yet another manager of his value). However, Wolfsburg struck back immediately, when Magdeburg cleared a corner into the center and the Wolfsburg player who conveniently stood there fired a shot in from 20 yards.
Magdeburg still should have won the game as Wolfsburg did not change their passive attitude, but Eddy Vorm’s 35-yard lob missed the goal by two feet.
In all the spectators saw a performance that offers some hope for the new season, as the team produced some good passing display and did create danger up front. All of this must of course be seen in the context of ongoing pre-season training and the fact that these players mainly have met for the first time only two weeks ago – there should be improvement until the first Regionalliga match in Lübeck.

In other news, Magdeburg have a new shirt sponsor who apparently pays between 300k and 500k euros per season in the next two seasons. The old shirt sponsor also stays with the club as sponsor, ony „slightly reducing“ their commitment.

Season prep hazards

What are the biggest hazards and dangers in the weeks leading up to a new season? Injuries, transfers gone wrong, players you planned with leaving suddenly. Yes, yes, and yes. But there is a new hazard: Security concerns. Indeed there seems to be a new trend emerging, more and more friendly matches are being cancelled due to the fact that local police declare they cannot handle the security issues.

Greatest victim is newly-founded RB Leipzig who as of now have had more friendlies cancelled than played. Chemnitzer FC had their macht against Leipzig cancelled, and 1. FC Magdeburg their friendly against Aue in Grimma.
The latest victim of this new trend is the official season opener in Magdeburg, the 1. FC Magdeburg – Hansa Rostock friendly. Planned since late June, police declared last Thursday they did not have enough personnel to secure the match, due to holidays and 3rd Liga restarting. Funny how these issues seem to crop up all of a sudden. Kind of like the old excuse „I didn’t have time to buy X-mas presents, I keep forgetting what date it’s on“.

Magdeburg are now looking for a replacement for Hansa, while Hansa themselves had another match cancelled: They had invited VfB Lübeck to ply in Rostock that date, but again the police said no way, this time because it was on such a short notice.

In other news, Magdeburg have gotten rid of all players they wanted to leave, and have signed Rostock II’s Simon Tüting for the AMC position as well as 19yo Croat forward Marko Verkic. In addition, 21yo Brazilian midfielder Danilo dos Santos looks likely to be the next signing.

And we’re off again…

Season preparation has restarted on Friday. After last year’s disapointment with a 4th place finish, the club has had to cut the budget by about 250,000 Euros and has opted to let some players go, the most prominent of which are the team captain, Daniel Rosin, and the second-best goal scorer, Najeh Braham. As both still have valid contracts, however, the club can only hope they find a new home. Until then, signing new players is a tentative process.

In all six players were let go or told to go: Defenders Wejsfelt (contract ended), Rosin and Dragusha (contract ended), forwards Reimann (to Red Bull Rasenballsport Leipzig) and Braham (currently at trial with FC Erzgebirge Aue) and goalkeeper Geisthardt. Only Rosin and Braham currently remain on the club’s payroll.
Unitl now three new players were signed: Defenders Gaebler (formerly at SV Wilhelmshaven) and Littmann (VfB Oldenburg) and attacker Denis Wolf (Rot-Weiß Erfurt). In addition several U19 players join the squad for the season preparation, but they will probably be used in the reserve team more often than in the senior squad.
Magdeburg are still looking for another forward—at least one is being tested—and the eternal quest for an attacking central midfielder keeps going on as well. Additionally, there are rumors that former FCM defender/defensive midfielder Friebertshäuser might return from Reutlingen, but no indication as to the validity of such rumors exists.

On the weekend, Magdeburg played in two test matches, before real training starts today. In Altenweddingen, the club beat an eighth-tier side 8-0 in a (surprise!) one-sided match. On Sunday the opposition were seventh-tier club Barleben, just beyond Magdeburg’s city limits. In front of about 1,300 spectators, Magdeburg brought home a 7-0 victory. Two different teams were used, manager Baumgart opting for the all-out change at half-time. Weiterlesen

Cold Turkey

Since the beginning of the dreaded winterbreak I had not seen a full football match, neither on TV nor in a stadium. As I’m generally not that interested in indoor football, soccer addict’s methadone, there hasn’t been much to alleviate the withdrawal.
But yesterday, finally, there was a friendly scheduled between 1. FC Magdeburg reserves and VfB Oldenburg. On a snow-covered artificial turf, Oldenburg won a moderately interesting game of rather mediocre quality. Highlight of the match was the first goal, a 25-meter lob that went in right between the keeper’s hands and the bar. Former Magdeburg player Deumelandt scored the second goal in front of a crowd of about 70 people.

Meaningless friendly™

On Saturday, Magdeburg suffered a 2-4 defeat at the hands of what can be called an A2-Team of Hertha BSC. Overall, it was an even match, only at the end did Magdeburg not pay enough attention in defense, and thus Hertha scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the match.
An audience of 6,277 was well entertained though, and large parts of the match created some hope for the coming season. Still three weeks to go till the start of the new season. Magdeburg will face Hanover 96’s reserve team in Hanover.

Can’t hardly wait

Well, two weeks have passed by since the semi-triumphant 1-all draw against Schalke 04. In the meantime, two other players have left Magdeburg. Dennis „I want my mama“ Tornieporth went back where he came from, to Kickers Emden. His stay at Magdeburg was overshadowed by complaints, he just didn’t fit in with the rest of the team, culminating in his calling the move to Magdeburg a mistake in a radio interview. Eventually, Magdeburg dissolved the contract and the player was let go.
Just hours before the transfer window closed, midfielder Andy Müller left the club for VfB Oldenburg. They currently play in Oberliga Nord and have hopes of qualifying for the new tier IV league that starts in the next season. Müller’s move was necessary as Magdeburg had picked up an additional midfielder, ex-Bundesliga pro Steffen Baumgart, and needed to cut down on playing squad costs.

In other news, Magdeburg won two more test matches, against Hertha BSC’s reserves (leader in NOFV-Oberliga Nord) and Czech Gambrinus Liga outfit Siad Most (well, they’re 16th. In a league of 16).
Magdeburg won both matches, but it’s hard to draw any conclusions from that, as Paul Linz made liberal use of the available substitutes. Next Sunday, the squad will face their first competitive match since December, when they meet NOFV Oberliga Süd team Germania Halberstadt in the cup quarterfinal. However, Linz seems to be quite fond of 20-year-old Tobias Friebertshäuser. Against Most he got a start as right defender, and in the Hertha match he was subbed in for the same position. Afterwards, Linz was full of praise, which, according to a newspaper interview, came as a bit of a shock for Friebertshäuser.
I’m curious who’ll start against Halberstadt.