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Season prep hazards

What are the biggest hazards and dangers in the weeks leading up to a new season? Injuries, transfers gone wrong, players you planned with leaving suddenly. Yes, yes, and yes. But there is a new hazard: Security concerns. Indeed there seems to be a new trend emerging, more and more friendly matches are being cancelled due to the fact that local police declare they cannot handle the security issues.

Greatest victim is newly-founded RB Leipzig who as of now have had more friendlies cancelled than played. Chemnitzer FC had their macht against Leipzig cancelled, and 1. FC Magdeburg their friendly against Aue in Grimma.
The latest victim of this new trend is the official season opener in Magdeburg, the 1. FC Magdeburg – Hansa Rostock friendly. Planned since late June, police declared last Thursday they did not have enough personnel to secure the match, due to holidays and 3rd Liga restarting. Funny how these issues seem to crop up all of a sudden. Kind of like the old excuse „I didn’t have time to buy X-mas presents, I keep forgetting what date it’s on“.

Magdeburg are now looking for a replacement for Hansa, while Hansa themselves had another match cancelled: They had invited VfB Lübeck to ply in Rostock that date, but again the police said no way, this time because it was on such a short notice.

In other news, Magdeburg have gotten rid of all players they wanted to leave, and have signed Rostock II’s Simon Tüting for the AMC position as well as 19yo Croat forward Marko Verkic. In addition, 21yo Brazilian midfielder Danilo dos Santos looks likely to be the next signing.