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1. FC Magdeburg vs Stark

This is the comment that appeared on the most important fan site after Magdeburg’s match against SV Babelsberg 03 on Saturday, refereed by controversial FIFA referee Wolfgang Stark. As Magdeburg begin 2009 with a tough schedule, playing the other top 4 teams in the first three matches, tensions were high at Stadion Magdeburg.

After kickoff on Saturday, Magdeburg immediately seized control of the game, dominating Babelsberg at will, and subsequently scored the lead off a Watzka freekick with just 8 minutes gone. However, Stark and his linesmen judged the goal to be offside – a blatant error, as it was easy to see that the ball had been deflected by Babelsberg’s N’Diaye. After making the call, Stark went over to his assistant, but upheld his decision. Both men had an excellent, unobstructed view on the action. Magdeburg kept up the pressure, but could not score, despite great opportunities. Vujanovic’s freekick only hit the post and Watzka’s direct volley went right onto Babelsberg’s keeper. Thus, with assistance from the referee, Babelsberg and Magdeburg went into the dressing rooms with no goals between them.

Nothing changed in the second half, Magdeburgcontinuing their attacks and eventually scored a goal that not even the referee could take away, when Brendel hammered the ball home with a beautiful dropkick from 20 yards out. After the goal, Babelsberg changed their tactics, attacking relentlessly – and here Magdeburg made the mistake to ease their pressure. They were now pushed back to their own box more and more often, and everyone could feel the equalizer coming. Then new signing Bauer mistimed a pass to Brendel in midfield and left Magdeburg wide open to a counter-attack. Captain Daniel Rosin was able to stop the Babelsberg attack, but at the expense of a somewhat dubious penalty. Rosin slid into the attacker, and while not playing the ball, he also did not significantly touch the attacking player who went down nonetheless. Stark waved away the protests, but it was again N’Diaye who would be in the center of things. Before the kick had been taken, N’Diaye had already entered the box, causing Stark to have the penalty retaken – and this time Beer saved the kick.
Whoever had hoped that this would have been warning enough for the Magdeburg players not to let Babelsberg anywhere near the penalty area was soon diappointed however. Babelsberg’s attacks continued unabated and after a throw-in, when the ball had already been cleared out of the box, Stark’s whistle was heard again. With horror the stadium realized that he had given another penalty. The culprit had been Magdeburg’s Racanel, or so Stark said. Racanel had cleared the ball, but a Babelsberg player managed to jump into the way of his leg and be caught. Racanel and his teammates could not believe this decision, but it stood and Babelsberg equalised.
Magdeburg’s final attacking moves led to nothing but another Vujanovic shot bouncing off the post.

Stark would not take questions from reporters after the match, because he „has to get his plane“. Thank you.

The other weekend results only added to the misery, with Kiel beating Cottbus, after being a goal down until the 86th minute and Halle winning in Wilhelmshaven. Next week, Magdeburg travel to their arch rivals, doubtlessly hoping to be the first team to beat them in this season.

1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Bankert, Wejsfelt, Rosin, Probst (46′ Zander) – Brendel (78′ Matthias), Bauer, Racanel, Watzka – Vujanovic, Braham
SV Babelsberg 03: Unger – Surma (52. Oumari), Weidlich, Moritz, Müller (60. Lange), Frahn, Prochnow, Ergirdi (60. Hartwig), Civa, N’Diaye, Laars

Scoring summary:
51′ Brendel 1-0
67′ Beer saves Moritz‘ penalty
82′ Frahn 1-1


Match video can be found at the mdr site.

End of Break

It’s over. The time of year most loathed by football fans, the winter break (closely followed by the summer break), is past us. In one of only three matches that were given the go-ahead by the FA in the Regionalliga Nord, Magdeburg travelled to league leaders Holstein Kiel. Kiel had created some consternation among followers of the league when they sacked their manager before the winterbreak, all the while lying in first place. The new manager would be Falko Götz, formerly manager of 1860 Munich and Hertha BSC. Götz would also take over the general coordination of the sports department of the club. Rumor has it that Götz and his assistant Andreas Thom earn as much as 800,000 euros p/a.

However, Magdeburg came with the recommendation of being unbeaten 14 games in a row, winning 11. Additionally, Magdeburg brought with them about 3,000 supporters, more than Kiel’s average attendance. In total 8,250 spectators watched this fourth-tier match. The pitch was in a decent shape, considering the fact that it had been covered by three inches of snow until Thursday before the match. It had been cleared and attempts had been made to dry it up, with some success, I might add. However, it was in no shape to allow for a beautiful game. Instead both teams opted for a clear cut passing game. Duting the first half, both sides were evenly matched, with Magdeburg having the best opportunity to score, when Kiel’s Vujcic passed the ball back to his keeper who picked it up. Vujanovic fired a 14-meter-volley shot off the following indirect freekick, but Kiel’s goalkeeper saved in a brilliant manner. The half-time ended on a sad note, when Jan Sandmann – just back from injury – had to be subbed off. The former Magdeburg player had broken his ankle, without opposition interference.
In the second half, Kiel were more active, dominating play for large parts of the half, but not creating too many chances. Those that were there were denied by Magdeburg’s defense and goalkeeper Christian Beer. In the 72nd, Kiel put the ball out for a corner, a rather pointless move as there was no pressure, but a costly mistake. Watzka’s corner found Najeh Braham standing all alone in the box and the Magdeburg goalgetter – playing with a special bandage for his broken hand – put the guests in the lead. Certainly not what Kiel had expected after all their dominance, but not entirely undeserved either. Magdeburg’s celebrations only lasted 12 minutes, when fresh sub Dimitrius Guscinas made fools out of their defense and scored the equaliser. After that, Magdeburg had two more chances to win the game but on both occasions, the Magdeburg attackers were too late.
In the end a disappointing draw for Magdeburg, if only because they already had the lead. Still Magdeburg have 1 point more from the fixture than on day 2, when they had lost to Kiel at home.

Holstein Kiel: Frech – Sandmann (43′ Hasse), Jürgensen, Wulff (75′ Holt), Vujcic (81′ Guscinas) Lartey, Schyrba, Siedschlag, Nouri, Stier, Grgic
1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Bankert, Wejsfelt, Rosin, Bauer – Matthias (57. Probst), Gewelke, Watzka, Dragusha – Vujanovic, Braham

Scoring summary
72′ Braham 0-1
84′ Guscinas 1-1


A rather long (thanks to trillions of postponed matches, I guess) match report video can be found at the mdr site, pictures from the match are here, and in several other places.

Transfer update

Magdeburg signed two new players. Daniel Bauer joins the club from Rovaniemi, a defensive midfielder/defender.
Maik Georgi joins the club from Erzgebirge Aue’s reserves, a left winger with a defensive emphasis.

Cold Turkey

Since the beginning of the dreaded winterbreak I had not seen a full football match, neither on TV nor in a stadium. As I’m generally not that interested in indoor football, soccer addict’s methadone, there hasn’t been much to alleviate the withdrawal.
But yesterday, finally, there was a friendly scheduled between 1. FC Magdeburg reserves and VfB Oldenburg. On a snow-covered artificial turf, Oldenburg won a moderately interesting game of rather mediocre quality. Highlight of the match was the first goal, a 25-meter lob that went in right between the keeper’s hands and the bar. Former Magdeburg player Deumelandt scored the second goal in front of a crowd of about 70 people.


It’s winterbreak in German football, and while training resumes on Jan 14, there are no transfer rumours at all to be found, at least none too reliable.
I’m still hoping for a right defender and a central midfielder, but I guess it will come as surprising as on the team presentation in the summer when a number of new players were first presented without any specualtion mentioning them before.


When Magdeburg meets Hannover’s reserve on Friday, 19 December, it will be the 18th matchday of the seson, marking the beginning of its second half. The first half saw Magdeburg’s newly formed team struggle at first, with a mere 3 points from the first 4 matches. But since the defeat to arch-rivals Hallescher FC, Magdeburg have remained unbeaten for a run of now 13 games, winning 10 of them and gaining 2nd place behind Holstein Kiel.
The decisive moment of the campaign will come in the end of February. Then Magdeburg will face Kiel away, Babelsberg at home, and Halle away, in other words, the top 4 will play each other. If Magdeburg can win two of these matches and not lose to Kiel, this would mean a big step towards promotion, despite the remaining 13 matchdays that by then will still have to be played.
In a surprise move, Kiel announced today that they have signed Falko Götz, former manager of Hertha BSC and 1860 Munich as manager. Götz will take over the team in the winter break. It is difficult to see what drove this decision, as Kiel seem to be on course to win promotion, winning the non-official fall championship. Speculation about additional financial means will certainly rise considering this move.

Magdeburg’s results so far:
Hannover 96 II (A) 2-0
Holstein Kiel (H) 0-1
Babelsberg 03 (A) 0-2
Hallescher FC (H) 1-2
Hamburger SV II (A) 1-0
Hertha BSC II (H) 2-0
VfL Wolfsburg II (A) 2-1
VFC Plauen (H) 0-0
Sachsen Leipzig (A) 1-0
VfB Lübeck (H) 3-0
Wilhelmshaven (A) 2-2
Rostock II (H) 2-1
Cottbus II (H) 3-1
Altona 93 (A) 0-0
Türkiyemspor (H) 2-0
Oberneuland (A) 2-1
Chemnitzer FC (H) 4-1


After last week’s look at bigger things, now a look at a smaller idiocy on part of the DFB (German FA).
Last weekend, winter came to Germany. Sort of. There was not a lot of snow, but it was enough to see quite an impressive number of games cancelled in the Regionalliga Nord. Among the games cancelled was Magdeburg’s match in Hamburg’s Stadion Hoheluft against Altonaer FC von 1893.
Altona had been looking forward to the match, because it promised to boost their attendance that was stuck at a meagre 1,107 spectators on average. As 1. FC Magdeburg have the reputation of bringing a considerable contingent of travelling fans, there was much rejoicing in Altona. Then, however, the snow came and the game was cancelled.
In its infinite wisdom, the German FA have since decided to fix December 3, a Wednesday, as the new date. This alone was sufficient to reduce the travelling contingent, as it s a regular working day. But the FA have gone a step further. As Hoheluft does not possess floodlights – or rather, as the DFB consider them inadequate, kick-off time has been fixed at 2pm. That is 2 o’clock in the afternoon, or 1400 hrs. Obviously, this move largely eliminates any chances for a large attendance.
Neither club had desired to play at this date or at this time, but the DFB fixed the date anyway. I think the general opinion is a nice sarcastic „thank you very much“.

The week before, Magdeburg beat Energie Cottbus II with a 3-1 scoreline and moved within one point of league leaders Kiel.