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Cold Turkey

Since the beginning of the dreaded winterbreak I had not seen a full football match, neither on TV nor in a stadium. As I’m generally not that interested in indoor football, soccer addict’s methadone, there hasn’t been much to alleviate the withdrawal.
But yesterday, finally, there was a friendly scheduled between 1. FC Magdeburg reserves and VfB Oldenburg. On a snow-covered artificial turf, Oldenburg won a moderately interesting game of rather mediocre quality. Highlight of the match was the first goal, a 25-meter lob that went in right between the keeper’s hands and the bar. Former Magdeburg player Deumelandt scored the second goal in front of a crowd of about 70 people.

I must be sick

I turned down the opportunity to go to Babelsberg for today’s away game (which turned out to be a crap 0-0 draw), because I had stuff to do for university. That’s so not me…