Ouch…that hurt

On Saturday, there was yet another home game that I’d rather not have witnessed, but what can you do…
Magdeburg met Halle, in the first league match in two years. And despite the improvement visible in parts in a Saxony Anhalt Cup match in Eisleben (FCM won 1-0) and even more visible in the actual match, Magdeburg lost and has now not won in 9 home games in a row (last victory was in March vs SC Verl).
The game itself got off to a good start, with Magdeburg taking the lead after 21 minutes. However, this did not exactly give them the confidence needed to secure the win. And when 15 minutes later Bundesliga referee Kempter incorrectly ruled Braham offside and thus his goal as well, Magdeburg became visibly confused. This confusion was jumped upon by the Halle offense who sliced Magdeburg wide open with two counter-attacks to score two goals, turning the game.
In the second half Magdeburg tried hard to come back, but their moves were too complicated and thus the result was unchanged at the end. A very disappointing the derby no. 60. Magdeburg slipped to a relegation spot and it is difficult to see things turning around soon, however, this time defeat did not come from playing badly as in the previous two league matches, but rather from an inefficacy and not quite so great refereeing.

1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Bankert, Zander, Grundmann (78′ Reimann), Neumann – Watzka, Rosin, Racanel, Dragusha (82′ Matthias)- Vujanovic, Braham

Hallescher FC: Horvat – Schubert, Lachheb, Kamalla, Benes – David, Görke, Kittler (88′ R.
Stark), Kanitz – Kunze (78′ Finke) – Hebestreit (93′ Beck)

Scoring summary:
21′ Braham 1-0
42′ David 1-1
44′ David 1-2

Attendance: 11981

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